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I used to be in a band...

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For a very short time I was the '[play-by-numbers keyboard guy](' in a band called 'Hot Buddha and the Furious Schmoo', which was great fun. We played in a [few of the pubs / clubs around Southend]( during the 90's. The other thing [Vin]( (lead singer) and I did was create trancey ambient tapes under the name 'Dedlites'.

Sitting around my flat with various bits of borrowed equipment strung together, flowing into a tape recorder, we'd spend ages creating short and long-form pieces. Watching this video reminded me of those times. No midi, no computer, no planning.

I've only got one of the tracks now - '[Slippery Monk](' which was improvised over some "World Music". Don't get me wrong, we have no where near the talent [A Guy Called Gerald]( has in doing this, but we did have fun :-)