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Shuttering my Facebook account

1 min read

I've always known that we're the product on Facebook. I get why they make changes to the timeline, play with new features, make it obtuse to access certain information, etc. None of it bothers me.

My [Facebook account]( has been active for just under a decade now, and I still can't engage fully with it. There's something so reminiscent of AOL and CompuServe's walled gardens from the 90's that it always rankles me.

So I'm not shutting down the account, *yet*, just shuttering it. My contact information is up-to-date and as many notifications as Facebook lets me have been turned off. I won't be logging in or have any of the apps on my devices. I won't be accepting new friend requests there, or even posting anything there.

Please connect with me on Email, Text, Phone, Twitter, Instagram, or my blog and I'll get it.

Have fun :-)