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New DC Superhero film trailers are just lackluster and poor.

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What is happening over at DC? This years [ComicCon]( saw the release of possible the two worst trailers for comic related movies in recent years.

[Batman v Superman](

Holy dullville Caped Crusader. This thing plods along in its desaturated world like a sloth stuck in tar. It seems there's a few lifts from [Frank Miller's 'Dark Knight Returns']( in Snyder's costume choices & set-ups, but little else. Maybe this is just too soon after Nolan's 'Dark Knight' Trilogy to completely re-boot Batman.

And why on earth are we getting more shots of his origin? We know. *WE ALL KNOW!*

[Suicide Squad](

This mess checks all trailer-by-numbers boxes that have come out recently. Re-vamp an old song and put it over some bass rumbles & elongated strings. Have one character (Will Smith) mention the name of the film "We're the patsies. Some kind of Suicide Squad." Fail to spell out who any of these characters are.

By the looks of things it all takes place on one rainy night in a metropolitan city, and then the big reveal. Dun, dun, dun! Jared Leto is really bad at cosplaying Heath Ledger's Joker.

Now I was never that into Marvel comics. DC was my go-to, but my how the tables have turned. With the Iron Man, Thor, and Avengers films firmly encompassing a lot of what I love about comics, this new DC franchise looks lackluster and boring.

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