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Taco-Local in Willoughby

2 min read

On a whim we visited [Taco-Local]( in Willoughby for a mid-week dinner. First off the decor is pretty cool and has a wacky So-Cal surf shack vibe. Our table had plug sockets and USB ports for device charging, but no Wi-Fi that I could find. We got a portion of chips & pico to share which was tasty.


Julie & Josh got Nachos which were huge! Feeling was one would be good enough to share.


I went for the 'Street Tacos'. These come with "cheese crusted shells (flour or corn),lettuce, cilantro, lime, cotija cheese, tomatillo crema" and then you choose your protein. I went for corn shells with chili-lime chicken, green chili pork, and chorizo+beef.


The single shells were flour and didn't seem cheese-crusted in any way, but the actual taste was really good. All the proteins were very flavourful. When I've had "street tacos" in the past they've come with a couple of shells on each, but that could've been a regional thing. This in probably the closest to ["authentic" mexican tacos]( I've come across in Ohio. Will definitely be back and try some more of the protein combo's they have to offer.

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