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How the heck did shadow-root get in my web page?

1 min read

So I'm doing a lot of digital reorganizing at the moment. I've blown away my old blog and looking to migrate everything to one place.

Doing this I created a placeholder homepage at []( until I sort everything out. When doing this I noticed that everytime I used the `title` attribute on a link and filled it in with the word "Twitter", the link disappeared.


Links missing

So I popped open the inspector and found this when looking at the element...

Not my CSS

This is *not* my CSS. Then I saw this up at the top of the HTML

Shadow root

I have no idea where this `\#shadow-root` or `\` is coming from. I do have Evernote's Clearly, and Feedly's extensions running in Chrome but I've never seen this before. Could this be from Adblock Plus?

Sure enough, disabling Adblock Plus on my own domain clears this up.