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How the heck did shadow-root get in my web page?

1 min read

So I'm doing a lot of digital reorganizing at the moment. I've blown away my old blog and looking to migrate everything to one place.

Doing this I created a placeholder homepage at []( until I sort everything out. When doing this I noticed that everytime I used the `title` attribute on a link and filled it in with the word "Twitter", the link disappeared.


Links missing

So I popped open the inspector and found this when looking at the element...

Not my CSS

This is *not* my CSS. Then I saw this up at the top of the HTML

Shadow root

I have no idea where this `\#shadow-root` or `\` is coming from. I do have Evernote's Clearly, and Feedly's extensions running in Chrome but I've never seen this before. Could this be from Adblock Plus?

Sure enough, disabling Adblock Plus on my own domain clears this up.


Really like Channel 4's new branding

1 min read

Back in the early 80's the UK had 3 television channels, then along came Channel 4. It's always been a little off kilter and "risky". This was where I first came across the films of [Peter Greenaway](, televised Sumo wrestling, and of course [Johnny Vaughn](

Though I haven't lived in the UK for over a decade now, it's still great to see Channel 4 redefine itself through its brand identity.

Love the take on [Powaqqatsi]( at [2:15]( :-) You can see more at [Web Designer Depot](

AKIRA to go live action (finally)?

1 min read

Just watched Nerdist News and they say yes.

And I'd be interested if who they say _may_ be directing actually does, but apart from that, err, no.

I bought the manga when it was distributed in the UK. Reading it in the [Eastgate Shopping Centre, Basildon]( during the 90's was great, then seeing the anime shortly after cemented it as a 'classic' in my mind.

I'm actually not that bothered if they moved the action to (cough) New Manhattan, a long as they anglicize their names too. If you use white actors, use "white" names. But I'm sure that'll be seen as too damaging to the assumed brand awareness.

Anyway. We still 'The AKIRA project'...

Taco-Local in Willoughby

2 min read

On a whim we visited [Taco-Local]( in Willoughby for a mid-week dinner. First off the decor is pretty cool and has a wacky So-Cal surf shack vibe. Our table had plug sockets and USB ports for device charging, but no Wi-Fi that I could find. We got a portion of chips & pico to share which was tasty.


Julie & Josh got Nachos which were huge! Feeling was one would be good enough to share.


I went for the 'Street Tacos'. These come with "cheese crusted shells (flour or corn),lettuce, cilantro, lime, cotija cheese, tomatillo crema" and then you choose your protein. I went for corn shells with chili-lime chicken, green chili pork, and chorizo+beef.


The single shells were flour and didn't seem cheese-crusted in any way, but the actual taste was really good. All the proteins were very flavourful. When I've had "street tacos" in the past they've come with a couple of shells on each, but that could've been a regional thing. This in probably the closest to ["authentic" mexican tacos]( I've come across in Ohio. Will definitely be back and try some more of the protein combo's they have to offer.

\#nom \#food

New DC Superhero film trailers are just lackluster and poor.

2 min read

What is happening over at DC? This years [ComicCon]( saw the release of possible the two worst trailers for comic related movies in recent years.

[Batman v Superman](

Holy dullville Caped Crusader. This thing plods along in its desaturated world like a sloth stuck in tar. It seems there's a few lifts from [Frank Miller's 'Dark Knight Returns']( in Snyder's costume choices & set-ups, but little else. Maybe this is just too soon after Nolan's 'Dark Knight' Trilogy to completely re-boot Batman.

And why on earth are we getting more shots of his origin? We know. *WE ALL KNOW!*

[Suicide Squad](

This mess checks all trailer-by-numbers boxes that have come out recently. Re-vamp an old song and put it over some bass rumbles & elongated strings. Have one character (Will Smith) mention the name of the film "We're the patsies. Some kind of Suicide Squad." Fail to spell out who any of these characters are.

By the looks of things it all takes place on one rainy night in a metropolitan city, and then the big reveal. Dun, dun, dun! Jared Leto is really bad at cosplaying Heath Ledger's Joker.

Now I was never that into Marvel comics. DC was my go-to, but my how the tables have turned. With the Iron Man, Thor, and Avengers films firmly encompassing a lot of what I love about comics, this new DC franchise looks lackluster and boring.

\#SuicideSquad \#BatmanvSuperman \#DC \#movies \#comics \#SDCC2015

Shuttering my Facebook account

1 min read

I've always known that we're the product on Facebook. I get why they make changes to the timeline, play with new features, make it obtuse to access certain information, etc. None of it bothers me.

My [Facebook account]( has been active for just under a decade now, and I still can't engage fully with it. There's something so reminiscent of AOL and CompuServe's walled gardens from the 90's that it always rankles me.

So I'm not shutting down the account, *yet*, just shuttering it. My contact information is up-to-date and as many notifications as Facebook lets me have been turned off. I won't be logging in or have any of the apps on my devices. I won't be accepting new friend requests there, or even posting anything there.

Please connect with me on Email, Text, Phone, Twitter, Instagram, or my blog and I'll get it.

Have fun :-)

I used to be in a band...

1 min read

For a very short time I was the '[play-by-numbers keyboard guy](' in a band called 'Hot Buddha and the Furious Schmoo', which was great fun. We played in a [few of the pubs / clubs around Southend]( during the 90's. The other thing [Vin]( (lead singer) and I did was create trancey ambient tapes under the name 'Dedlites'.

Sitting around my flat with various bits of borrowed equipment strung together, flowing into a tape recorder, we'd spend ages creating short and long-form pieces. Watching this video reminded me of those times. No midi, no computer, no planning.

I've only got one of the tracks now - '[Slippery Monk](' which was improvised over some "World Music". Don't get me wrong, we have no where near the talent [A Guy Called Gerald]( has in doing this, but we did have fun :-)


New album from @theblackdog sounds great!

1 min read

The Black Dog have a new album coming out called '[Neither/Neither](' which you can pre-order. From the [sampler](, it sounds great.

You can listen to the full 'Hollow Stories Hollow Head' from the new album on Soundcloud (embedded below).

I'll be [buying this in August](


'MERV' A gem of an Post-Apocalyptic short film /by @LDP_film

1 min read

I've been on a recent kick of watching Sci-FI/Post-Apocalyptic shorts on YouTube recently. Some good, some not so good. Then I stumbled across [this gem](

I really liked 'MERV'. Great little story, without dialog, that didn't fall into a lot of the traps other shorts of this genre end up doing. Looking forward to more from this NZ based outfit.

Swedish 'retrofuturistic' art on Kickstarter

1 min read

As a teenager I had quite a few books containing art depicting our forgotten futures, illustrations from [Heavy Metal]( etc., so this is right in my sweet spot.

[This Kickstarter]( is to publish [Simon Stålenhag]('s books in English.