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One person's title, is anothers caption. Moving content between silos #indieweb

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I've been up and running with Known here for a little while now and I'm starting to find a few of the muddier issues facing the . One of these is moving content between different fields from silo to silo.


Thanks to ownyourgram and the power of PESOS, whenever I post an image to my Instagram account it gets pulled into my Known blog. Works great, until we look a little closer at the typed content. On instagram I fill in one field to include a description, links, and any hashtags I want.

When it gets shared with Twitter the description and hashtags are intact and a link to the Instagram post is appended.

The issue comes up when the Instagram post is syndicated to my blog and Known creates an entry for it. Building the URL from the content of the post makes complete sense. So in this case it'll be But when building the post Known has two fields; 'Title' & 'Caption'. So all the content gets placed into the Title, rendering the hashtag ineffective.

So for the time being I have to go and edit the post after the fact, moving any hashtags into the 'Caption' field and re-publishing. This doesn't obviously effect the URL or the other syndicated instances on the web, but it is a bit of a timesuck for me.

What I'd like to see is a way to extract the hashtags from the title and move them to the caption, or a specific tag, field.

This is also applicable as new silos, such as SUPER, come to the fore. I beta tested SUPER and really like it.  They've just launched a share feature which follows the Instagram model a little. Now they make the title a link to the original post (as all SUPER posts are combinations or words and pictures).

Now I have to move the link and the hashtag from the title to the caption. And the URL for those posts are not particularly great

The plus side of this is that the Indieweb can, and will, fix and build upon these to make a lot of these teething troubles disappear. Giving us a truly seamless way to share my content, to the silos I choose.