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I do like a salty @garyvee. Great episode. Jets should lose more often ;-)

Waking up to find new music from @underworldlive. Nice :-)
Shining Future Part 1

Sunday is...Tetsu Inoue's 'World Receiver' and @warrenellis's 'Orbital Operations' :-)

Did they wait until you just bought one @danbenjamin? ;-)
/via @leadinghands

Haven't used Photoshop in 6+ years. Nothing's improved. Seems more complicated if that's possible. Grief!

Interesting term - "21st Century Longhunter".

Just bought @OffLandMusic's (Drone Variations) Volume II from @bandcamp :-)

Absolutely great episode tonight. Capaldi in full swing! Couple of Clara foreshadowing moments too.

Part of the Golden Age. I do miss it so...
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