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@danklyn My fave line is "If Spotify’s design were a taco, it would be from Taco Bell" :-)
/cc @abby_the_ia

I'm not sure exactly what a 'UI Architect' does, but this job req reads a lot like what we'd call a 'Front-end web developer' in my day...

● Proven extensive experience in CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript and client-side best practices
● Proven extensive experience with JavaScript libraries and Frameworks (jQuery, Node.JS, AngularJS)
● AngularJS
● Proficient in Responsive Web Design and other mobile development best practices
● Understanding of XML, SOAP, RESTful, and JSON and Java development a plus

Just read @bethdean's piece, 'Emotional Intelligence in Design'...
...You should too. It's really good.

Really getting into @natekontny & @jasonfried discussing business, design, product, and everything inbetween.