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When today's 99% Invisible began about ballots I thought "@danachis should be on. Guess what? She is :-)
/cc @romanmars

Good grief! Apple Music sounds bloody awful!
/via @r4isstatic

New gig alert! Excited for November as I'll be joining @photoninfotech. Diving straight in to the client project on the 2nd.

Looking forward to tonight's @uxpacle event - PET Interviews
Anyone else going?

Looking forward to this month's @UXPACLE talk - 'PET (Persuasion, Emotion and Trust) Interviews'

My personal definition of ...
"It's researching, understanding, and designing for the interactions that'll happen with a product."

If anyone needs any help with short-term freelance UX projects, Jenn Downs has time to assist.

How to put this nicely @josephclawrence. What absolute bollocks! They don't give any examples of what this "home button" that needs to be purged is. They do list links & images that perform exactly the same function and have been considered "home buttons" for ages. No data. No real reason why. Grrrr.